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03 Oct 2013

We wanted to offer our customers not only a great opening 70% discount to help us celebrate our jump rope launch, but also offer an incentive to keep their Summer body in shape." When asked about the benefits of jump roping, Verity said, "As the nights and the cold start to draw in, people are looking more and more for a quick convenient way to get their workouts in. Incorporating jump roping as part of a workout routine is a great way to do this. It's quick, convenient and studies have shown that it can burn fat and calories in half the time of long cardio." She went on to explain,"As well as a fast way to burn fat, a recent Japanese study has found that jumping rope can also help to suppress hunger. Men who jumped rope for three 10-minute sets showed a greater suppression of their appetites than those who burned a similar number of calories cycling." The Master of Muscle jump rope is made from the latest high quality lightweight materials to aid ease of use, durability and portability. The Grand Opening 70% Off Sale is available from 08.00 PDT Tuesday 1st October until 11.59pm PDT Thursday 3rd October.

This is doubtfully the first time youve heard of it, unless youre a CrossFitter. CrossFit is a Marine-like workout routine that combines aerobic exercise, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, and Rhabdomyolysisaffectionately known as Rhabdois a common affliction sustained by CrossFitters. The CrossFit/Rhabdo debate was sparked last week when photos of a pregnant woman doing CrossFit went viral. Considering the diseases disturbing associations with CrossFit, its worth asking whether anyone not just an eight months pregnant woman should CrossFit. In 2005, there were 13 official CrossFit gyms in the United States.

Fad diets and trendy workouts: what works?

She suggests potential payoffs may be more likely a result of weekly interaction with the acupuncturist: "When someone is accountable, they generally have better success." Of course, checking in with a friend could serve that purpose. If you want to try it: Go to a reputable provider. Find a list of practitioners at the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine's site . Sessions cost between $50 and $120; most people go once a week. 16 ways to lose weight fast Alkaline diet How it works: According to the alkaline theory, if you get your protein mostly from certain nuts, seeds and forms of soy, and eat lots of produce while avoiding "acid-promoting" high-fat animal products, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, you will promote a neutral blood pH that can help keep your body trim and healthy.

5 great pregnancy workouts

1. Prenatal yoga Yoga achieves the trifecta of prenatal fitness standards because it helps during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. Yoga puts an emphasis on deep, diaphragmatic breathing--the same type of breathing that is effective during labor and delivery. If youre practicing yoga regularly throughout pregnancy, youre going to have a much easier time for labor and delivery and the recovery period, according to Desi Bartlett, creator of "Prenatal Yoga" and "Yoga for Beginners." Be sure to avoid lying on your stomach, deep twisting, quick movements, crunches, holding your breath and lying on your back after 20 weeks. Small groups continue are best and the instructor should have at least 100 hours of prenatal yoga training, according to Anne Martens, founder of "Bella Bellies," a fitness program for women in all stages of motherhood.

The Most Interesting Workouts In The Country

Antigravity Yoga (also referred to as Suspension Yoga, Upside-Down Yoga and Aerial Yoga) is not for the faint of heart. The practice incorporates traditional yoga poses mixed with acrobatics in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. What are the benefits of yoga off the ground? Kayda Norman, who documented her Aerial Yoga experience for writes, "Aerial yoga allows you to stretch further and hold positions longer than other types of yoga. Suspension yoga also helps to decompress tight joints and relieve pressure." Alexandra Sifferlin, a reporter for Time, also shared her go with a Suspension Yoga class. She reported in a video of her experience that the aerial class was helpful for "better controlled movements as you strengthen your core muscles." And for those without the strength and control for traditional inversions like headstands, Aerial Yoga gives us a chance to try these out.

What You Need to Know About Hot Workouts

Porcari's research shows that doing yoga in a room that's 90 to 95 degrees and has a humidity level between 35 to 40 percent is safeso long as you stay properly hydrated while doing it. But what about workouts done at a higher temperatureor ones that are focused on cardio? Porcari recommends proceeding with caution: If your core temperature gets too high, you could suffer from heat strokeand your core temperature is automatically going to be much higher when you're doing cardio than when you're doing yoga. "When you start doing cardio exercisecycling, runningyou're generating so much body heat because it's just higher-intensity exercise," says Porcari. "That's why they have these heat warnings when the heat index is 105 and they say you shouldn't exercise outside." The Best Pre-Workout Foods Still dying to give a heated class a try? Porcari recommends first checking what the temperature and humidity will be in the room.


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